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Private Training

Our private training offers key training techniques to train lasting results.

Positive Reinforcement



How it Works

1. Contact Us

Let us know what kind of issues your having with your dog or what kind of behavior you want trained. You can click on the "Get Started" button below to fill out an online inquiry. You can also call or email.

2. Schedule a Free Evaluation

We will want to see your dog first hand. And is our first step is deciding what kind of training will best suit your situation. You can also book an evaluation online by clicking on the "Book it" button above.

3. Quote

After we have completed our evaluation we will provide you with a quote with a few different training options. You pick the training and duration that you feel best suits your needs. 

4. Schedule Training

Once you have decided which training option best suits your needs we scheduling your day(s) and time(s) for training.

(Most private training programs meet 3 times a week, but this can be more or less depending on your needs.)

Start Training!


Our private training courses are tailored to you and your dog's needs. We begin by evaluating your dog's behavior, noting any issues we think should be addressed, and then we get your imput to see what you expect/need from training. 


Our most popular course is our 8 week beginning course; we cover sit, stay, down, heel, come when called, go to your place. Each session starts with a discussion focused on making sure your dog is getting exactly what he or she needs in order the be a balanced, well-adjusted member of your family.


We’ll work on socialization behavior and guide you on how to read and translate your dog’s body language and signals to better understand what they mean and how to apply them to other social situations.


Reel Dog is about working with your animal, not against them. We believe in positive reinforcement, the power of communication and working together as a team. We aim to give you life-long techniques that promote active problem solving to help you throughout your dog’s life. Carol & Chelsea’s unique background of training brings simple, but effective training techniques to you and your dog striving to develop a bond of mutual respect.


Each session will focus on training the behaviors determined by our evaluation & your input. Each client is expected to complete their homework, which is daily training sessions focusing on techniques learned while you are training with us. Also, Carol & Chelsea are available at any time outside of lesson to help you with questions and techniques.


Private sessions can be held at your home, at our location or at a location of your choosing, this need can be determined during your evaluation. We are located in beautiful, private location in Sand Canyon, Santa Clarita’s rural community located near the Los Angeles National Forest. If you’d like more information please contact us


The prices and services listed above may not meet the needs or be the same for all customers and/or training situations. Pricing is meant to be a guideline, and based on the specific needs of your dog, may be adjusted. Private training sessions typically last an hour (1 hour) per session, and will cover a variety of obedience and behavior control training which will be established and determined by your trainers. All pricing listed is for one (1) dog. All dogs and situations are different, results and pricing will not be typical for all situations.

Please consult our cancellation and tardiness policy. All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations.

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