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Bring the experience of Hollywood's best trained dogs to your next project with Reel Dog. We have trained dogs ready for your next production, still shoot or event.

Need some help at home? Let experienced professionals tackle the issues with you. Choose from private lessons, group classes or a combination of both to reach your training goals. We also offer dog walking and day visits to check up on your pet while you're away for the day. 

We offer positive reinforcement animal training & other services that will help you solve your problems. Learn from some of the best in the business with over 50 years on experience working with domestic & exotic animals. Whether you need a dog for a production, some help at home, group lessons or animal photography Reel Dog has you covered. 


Chelsea Riggins

Chelsea has been training animal professionally for over 10 years. Her credits include work on "Lassie," CNN, The Emmys, "Project Runway: Allstars," & many more. Chelsea is the assitant trainer for Carol Riggins, trainer & owner of the dog that protrays Lassie.

Carol Riggins

Carol has been working animals both exotic and domestic for more than 40 years. Originally a wild animal trainer, Carol made a transition to working with dogs when asked to work for world renouned trainer Rudd Weatherwax, the first trainer of Lassie. Carol is the lead trainer and owner of the dog that protrays Lassie.

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